Personal Tailoring for Shirts

Individual elegance crafted
with tradition

Personal Suit Tailoring


Ede and Ravenscroft’s Personal Shirt Making service allows an individual to create a perfectly tailored shirt that reflects their style and personality. Manufactured in the UK to the exact specification of the customer, the shirts

are of the highest quality. Options include two-fold cotton poplin, fine 120’s cotton, cotton twill, Oxfords and the finest Sea Island cotton in a variety of colours and patterns with a choice of eight types of cuffs and eleven collars.

Step 1:

The Appointment

The customer will have a personal consultation with an Ede and Ravenscroft specialist advisor to talk through the requirements of the shirt. Next, the customer browses through a vast selection of cloths varying in weight, colour and pattern; all from the finest mills.

Tailor examining shirt with loupe
Scissors and measuring tape over fabric

Step 2:


Once the fabric is chosen, a full set of measurements will be taken to ensure perfect length and fit.

Step 3:

Cuffs And Collars

A selection of eight types of cuff is available, each with different characteristics such as shape, width and button-holes, while a choice of eleven collar styles offers the perfect balance of shape and width.

A selection of collars resting on fabric
Monogrammed shirts

Step 4:

Finishing Touches

Hand-stitched real Troca pearl buttons and the option of one’s initials embroidered on the gusset.

Monogrammed shirts

Make an Appointment

If you require a Personally Tailored shirt, and are a returning customer who has recently used our Personal Tailoring service, you can order over the phone as your measurements and requests from the previous order are stored with our tailor.

If you would like to arrange a fitting or simply have a question regarding the Personal Tailoring service, please contact or visit your nearest store where staff are ready to assist.

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