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Oxford sub fusc


As you embark on the next exciting step of your education, Ede & Ravenscroft as a listed as the University of Oxford stockist, can help with all the academic dress you’ll need during your time at Oxford, from the classic commoner’s outfit to a choice of sub-fusc clothing through to your full academic dress for your degree ceremony. 

Sub Fusc dress: you are required to wear your preference of:

Dark suit with trousers or skirt, plain white shirt or blouse, white bow tie or black ribbon, dark socks or black tights and dark footwear along with the appropriate gown and headwear.

On collection: in store we have a selection of tailoring and special offer shirts along with university and college cufflinks, scarfs and mascot bears available

How to Order

You can place your order online and then collect from our Oxford city centre store or you can email the shop to discuss your order oxford@edeandravenscroft.com

Please select a UK address as your delivery address to prevent a delay to your order.