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Over three centuries, Ede & Ravenscroft has perfected the art of creating classic British suits and garments using the highest quality craftsmanship and the finest materials. The commission of a bespoke suit by Ede & Ravenscroft results in an exquisite piece of unique craftsmanship.

With guidance from highly skilled cutters and tailors, the customer has complete control throughout all stages of design and development to apply individual characteristics that will create a distinctive and personal garment.

The cut, arrangements of pockets and lapels and trimmings with all be matched to the customer's lifestyle. How often one plans to wear the garment, and for which occasions will help decide the durability and weight of the fabric. A bespoke garment is the ultimate in sartorial elegance. Watching the design come to life throughout the process is a fascinating experience and an insight into a trade steeped with history and tradition that has kept a pace of modern life.

Step 1:

First appointment

An introduction will be made between the customer and the master tailor who will talk through the suiting process and gain an understanding for the aspirations of the finished piece. Whether one has a clear vision or are in need of a few ideas, the cutters will help guide the customer to ensure the garment will be the perfect realisation of their design.

Tailor consultation
Tailor cutting cloth

Step 2:

The cut and measurements

Following discussion and decision on the cut and style of the garment, measurements are taken to ensure the perfect silhouette for the customer's build and posture. The measurements are hand-drawn on a paper template; it is at this stage where the lines and contours establish the unique blueprint for the customer's piece of bespoke tailoring.

Step 3:

Decision on Cloth

The cloth is then chosen from fabrics from the world's finest mills. Colour and pattern, suitable weight and strength are all taken account. It is at this time where trimmings such as buttons and linings are selected. Each piece of cloth and canvas will be marked with chalk in the time honoured way and expertly hand cut according to the customer's unique pattern. The garment will then begin its construction by the tailor.

Scissors, cloth and ruler
Suit under construction

Step 4:


The customer visits the store for two to three fittings to ensure the perfect fit. At the first, the garment is temporarily stitched so that any changes can easily be made. The second fitting is where the garment will be at a more advanced stage and the cutter will scrutinise the changes previously made and decide if further alterations are necessary. One may be required to attend a third fitting to ensure the perfect finished piece.

Step 5:


Finally, the garment is ready to wear. The processes and discussions from start to finish result inĀ an exquisite and unique garment that has been skilfully crafted with the highest attention to detail. It will be the flawless and impeccable piece that was imagined.

Finished suits

Make an Appointment

If you require a Bespoke suit, and are a returning customer who has recently used our Bespoke service, you can order over the phone as your measurements and requests from the previous order are stored with our tailor.

If you would like to arrange a fitting or simply have a question regarding the Bespoke service, please contact or visit your nearest store where staff are ready to assist.

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